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06 Jul [yast-commit] r57871 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/include/ep-unused.ycp
07 Jul [yast-commit] r57914 - in /trunk/storage/storage/src: include/auto_part_create.ycp include/auto_part_ui.ycp inst_disk_proposal.ycp inst_target_part.ycp modules/Storage.ycp modules/StorageProposal.ycp
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57925 - in /trunk/yast2: VERSION library/control/src/ProductFeatures.ycp library/control/testsuite/tests/restore.out library/control/testsuite/tests/restore.ycp package/yast2.changes
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57926 - /tags/stable-2_18_19/yast2/
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57930 - in /trunk/storage: storage/src/modules/StorageProposal.ycp
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57935 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/inst_disk_proposal.ycp
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57963 - in /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/storage: VERSION package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/include/ep-dialogs.ycp storage/src/include/ep-lvm-lib.ycp
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57966 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/inst_disk_proposal.ycp
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57967 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/StorageProposal.ycp
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57974 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/StorageProposal.ycp
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57978 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/inst_disk_proposal.ycp
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57979 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/inst_disk_proposal.ycp
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57980 - in /trunk/storage: VERSION package/yast2-storage.changes
10 Jul [yast-commit] r57999 - /trunk/pkg-bindings/src/
14 Jul [yast-commit] r58050 - in /trunk: qt-graph/package/yast2-qt-graph.changes qt-graph/ storage/package/yast2-storage.changes storage/
15 Jul [yast-commit] r58051 - /trunk/qt-graph/
15 Jul [yast-commit] r58064 - /trunk/qt-graph/src/
16 Jul [yast-commit] r58067 - in /trunk/storage: package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp
16 Jul [yast-commit] r58068 - /tags/stable-2_18_14/storage/
22 Jul [yast-commit] r58125 - in /trunk/storage: package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/include/ep-hd.ycp storage/src/include/ep-lib.ycp storage/src/include/ep-lvm.ycp
23 Jul [yast-commit] r58136 - in /trunk/storage: package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp storage/src/modules/StorageFields.ycp
23 Jul [yast-commit] r58139 - in /trunk/storage: package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/include/custom_part_lib.ycp storage/src/modules/FileSystems.ycp
23 Jul [yast-commit] r58140 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp
23 Jul [yast-commit] r58141 - in /trunk/storage/storage/src: include/custom_part_check_generated.ycp inst_resize_dialog.ycp inst_resize_ui.ycp
23 Jul [yast-commit] r58142 - in /trunk/storage: package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/include/custom_part_check_generated.ycp
23 Jul [yast-commit] r58143 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/include/custom_part_check_generated.ycp
23 Jul [yast-commit] r58144 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/FileSystems.ycp
24 Jul [yast-commit] r58148 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/FileSystems.ycp
24 Jul [yast-commit] r58149 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/include/ep-lib.ycp
24 Jul [yast-commit] r58150 - in /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules: Partitions.ycp Storage.ycp
24 Jul [yast-commit] r58151 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/FileSystems.ycp
27 Jul [yast-commit] r58156 - in /trunk/storage/storage/src: include/auto_part_ui.ycp inst_disk_proposal.ycp inst_target_part.ycp
27 Jul [yast-commit] r58162 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/inst_disk_proposal.ycp
27 Jul [yast-commit] r58171 - /trunk/extra-packages
27 Jul [yast-commit] r58172 - in /trunk/storage/storage/src: include/ep-dialogs.ycp modules/Storage.ycp
27 Jul [yast-commit] r58178 - in /trunk/storage: VERSION package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/include/custom_part_dialogs.ycp storage/src/inst_disk_proposal.ycp storage/src/inst_target_part.ycp
28 Jul [yast-commit] r58184 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp
28 Jul [yast-commit] r58185 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp
29 Jul [yast-commit] r58204 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/StorageControllers.ycp
29 Jul [yast-commit] r58205 - in /trunk/storage/storage/src: include/ep-summary.ycp modules/StorageSettings.ycp
31 Jul [yast-commit] r58236 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/inst_prepdisk.ycp
31 Jul [yast-commit] r58237 - in /trunk/storage: VERSION package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/modules/ storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp storage/src/modules/StorageUpdate.ycp storage/src/storage_finish.ycp
31 Jul [yast-commit] r58238 - in /trunk/bootloader: VERSION package/yast2-bootloader.changes src/clients/bootloader_preupdate.ycp
31 Jul [yast-commit] r58239 - in /trunk/storage: package/yast2-storage.changes storage/src/include/ep-hd-lib.ycp
31 Jul [yast-commit] r58242 - /trunk/storage/storage/src/modules/Storage.ycp

Duncan Mac-Vicar P

06 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : we dont require sqlite3, only libraries
06 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : wrong package name
06 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : fcgi not needed
06 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : add buildrequires for tests
08 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix problem with statu.xml instead of status, add testcase
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : use only agents in yast2-core for tests
09 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add check syntax task
09 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix spec file, no commas, add buildrequires
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : add dbus
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : I heard this ran on 11.1
15 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : make sure everything is a URI
15 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : start of client side (with ajax support and remoting) form validation
15 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix crash
15 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : First version of global exception handling with small bugzilla
16 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : check if backtrace exists
16 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : check if backtrace exists, fixed
20 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : code cleanup and testsuite update
20 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : status.rb does not need to be an activeresource model
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : no exceptions escape
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : render only once
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : pass the time as timestamps
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix buildrequires
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : this needs to be in the chroot
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : exit with code 1 in this case
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : why do we have two spec filesgit rm package/yast2-webclient.spec
20 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : oldest warning ever
20 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : disable the users plugin until the testsuite is ported/finished
20 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : require status class
20 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : dont user member variables if your design is based on local variables,
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Cleaning up the Rake mess, make all stuff use the shared tasks
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : cleanup. Dont use the top level Rakefiles, but the tasks subdirectory
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : fix
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : consistency, package/ for everything
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : dont package coverage stuff
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : rename this task
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : typo
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : check sytax task
21 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : start using the shared tasks
21 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix location of jar file
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : common tasks
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : dont execute ui tests by default
21 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : find rails parent and use shared tasks
21 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : local != global variables, if that is what this code assumes
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : exclude tests
21 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : fix
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : tests out
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : Not use sudo by default
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : real copy, will port to fileutils later
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : fileutils, echo is bash, not ruby
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : use parenthesis...
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : typo again, now I start to test locally :-)
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : enable users again
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : dont include scr policies in check
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : name reversed
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : dont fail if there is no db
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : clean first the db
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : trying to build rpms locally to get some stuff out of hudson
22 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : rake buildrpm fixes
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : rake buildrpm
22 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : dont delete migrations
22 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : missing rails_parent.rb
22 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : we include selenium jar, build fails because rpm cant examine the jar
22 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : required on build
23 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : fix packing test
23 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : try alternative
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : delete
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix makemo by setting rails variable
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix makemo by setting rails variable
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add missing spec
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix makemo by setting rails variable
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix spec again
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : more spec file fixes
23 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : more spec fixes
24 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : missing directory
24 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : file listed twice
24 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : reenable validator
24 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fastcgi fix


01 Jul [yast-commit] r57824 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_25/
01 Jul [yast-commit] r57825 - /tags/branch-Code-11-2_17_25/registration/
01 Jul [yast-commit] r57830 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/registration: ./ package/ src/clients/ src/modules/ src/yastbrowser/ src/yastbrowser/chrome/ src/yastbrowser/components/ src/yastbrowser/defaults/prefer...
01 Jul [yast-commit] r57831 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_23/registration/
01 Jul [yast-commit] r57833 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/registration: ./ agents/ doc/ package/ src/ src/clients/ src/config/ src/modules/ src/yastbrowser/ src/yastbrowser/chrome/ src/yastbrowser/components/ s...
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57928 - /branches/SuSE-Code-11-Branch/registration/package/yast2-registration.changes
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57949 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP2-Branch/registration: VERSION package/yast2-registration.changes
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57950 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_22_1/
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57951 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP2-2_13_22_1/registration/
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57952 - in /branches/SuSE-SLE-10-SP3-Branch/registration: VERSION package/yast2-registration.changes src/modules/Register.ycp
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57954 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_24/registration/
08 Jul [yast-commit] r57953 - /tags/branch-SLE-10-SP3-2_13_24/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57984 - in /branches/moblin: ./ registration/ registration/VERSION registration/package/yast2-registration.changes
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57985 - /branches/moblin/registration/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57986 - /branches/moblin/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57987 - /branches/moblin/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57988 - /branches/moblin/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57989 - /branches/Moblin/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57990 - /branches/Moblin/test/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57991 - /branches/Moblin/test/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57992 - /branches/Moblin/x11/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57993 - in /branches/Moblin/x11: MAINTAINER Makefile.cvs RPMNAME VERSION package/ scripts/ src/ testsuite/
09 Jul [yast-commit] r57994 - in /branches/Moblin/x11: ./ package/ scripts/ src/ src/autoyast/dialog/ src/autoyast/modules/ src/autoyast/proposal/ src/config/ src/dialog/ src/proposal/
30 Jul [yast-commit] r58225 - in /trunk/installation: VERSION control/control.openSUSE.xml package/yast2-installation.changes
30 Jul [yast-commit] r58226 - /tags/stable-2_18_21/installation/
30 Jul [yast-commit] r58227 - in /trunk/mouse: VERSION package/yast2-mouse.changes src/mouse.desktop src/mouse.ycp
30 Jul [yast-commit] r58228 - /tags/stable-2_18_1/mouse/
30 Jul [yast-commit] r58229 - in /trunk/x11: ./ package/ scripts/ src/ src/autoyast/dialog/ src/autoyast/modules/ src/autoyast/proposal/ src/config/ src/dialog/ src/proposal/
30 Jul [yast-commit] r58230 - /tags/stable-2_18_0/x11/

Josef Reidinger

07 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : add functionals test for time plugin
07 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : rest-backend doesn't need any javascripts
07 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : correct test name
07 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : replace script.aulos helpers with jrails plugin
07 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : release 0.0.2
07 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : release 0.0.2
07 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : remove from spec marking sources as config
07 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : remove marking sources as tag in spec file
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : separate basic tests to webservice module
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : adapt to rails convention for model find/save
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : fix documentation
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : move plugin_basic_tests from lib to test
09 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : follow ruby conventions for constants
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : refactor controller to better readeness, change layout of systemtime view
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : remove debugger from repository
13 Jul [yast-commit] <rest-service> master : refactor time plugin to better readiness, handle timeout when setting time to future
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : handle ActiveResources timeout in case that time is moved
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Revert "removed debuging"
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add test for validation of generated page
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add test for validation of generated page
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : use valid xhtml
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix singulars in tidy output
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add summary for table for accesibility
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix singulars in tidy output
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix assert, so it correctly report valid pages
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add testing dependency
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix html code to be valid (by tidy)
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add validation assert also to time module
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix crash during show all (|= converts to boolean)
13 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : change previous commit to more ruby way (thanks to kkaempf)
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add general proxy loader that check problems during finding proxy
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : handle problem with proxy also commit part
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : refactor time controller, move some functionality to lib
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : link also icons to start plugins
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : refactor proxy loader from application controller to separated lib
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : proper log problem with finding site for proxy
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : make exception logger more universal
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : make robust to problems with proxy also for patch commit
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : dirty fix to problems with URI, as it doesn't work if URI end with /
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Enhance proxy loader that take arguments for find call, patches use proxy loader, more robust to missing proxy in patches
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : change last fix, as problem is in URI reference parsing and not in backslash
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : set better argument name to be code more descriptive
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : change non-exist field install_permission to permissions getted from proxy (should stop ability to install for some users if they don't have permissions)
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix broken call redirect_to in lib function, fix indentation
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : for java script use full force of jquery (act same as previous, which is buggy, fixed in future commits)
14 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : cleanup patches view, remove unnecessary stuff, filter items by AJAX (need speed up, as now it is not comfortable - I plan improve also backend)
16 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix permissions fix to handle only case when permissions really missing
16 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : get information about patches as AJAX call, so don't delay loading of initial page
16 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : fix some fixmes in time module
16 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : add icon to waiting for patches
16 Jul [yast-commit] <web-client> master : Use AJAX stuff for patches only if patch plugin is installed
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