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Marius Tomaschewski

27 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 8eaed0: compat: blacklist all and default interface names
26 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 6368aa: client: ignore interfaces with STARTMODE='off' fla...
13 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 4028a5: updater: reverse resolve ip if there is no hostnam...
17 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 45a8e2: use HEADERS instead of EXTRA_DIST to fix TAGS
18 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 2dc503: clear temp_state in ni_dbus_xml_deserialize_argume...
21 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 17fa63: version 0.5.11
04 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 1e0160: ibft: workaround missed readlink, modprobe on requ...
19 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] a882cc: client: Add --raw parameter to the convert option
11 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 45a2a5: dhcp: adjusted addrconf lease details
04 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 598d36: objectmodel: removed unused hwaddr interface prope...
11 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 23de9b: extensions: remove unused scripts from installatio...
07 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 102a42: lldp: do not log error when lldp is not supported
28 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 5cf425: version 0.5.14
21 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 06be8b: compat: no systemd check via mountpoint (bnc#86469...
25 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 8f9bed: nanny: change calloc() to xcalloc()
20 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] eae6d2: Update unquote to handle invalid sysconfig variabl...
25 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 775748: disable wicked-devel subpackage
26 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] e6366a: compat: read all suse ifcfg files and init timeout
06 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] fafd30: utils: Added sysfs netif readlink utility
07 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 5de152: ibft: fixed reading of the origin field
17 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] feb2d9: Do not make it worser, use noinst_HEADERS in src
05 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] af0247: dbus: Fix crashes when dbus instance not running
06 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] cf43e8: iftypes: log link kind of unknown devices in debug...
19 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 61e9bf: daemons: Disable state.xml saving by default
12 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 0117b2: dhcp6: start when link-up + link-address ready
21 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 521f8c: version 0.5.9
05 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 7f143a: dhcp: apply netconfig settings before any other da...
11 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] e2f3c1: libwicked: use independent package and lib version
14 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] ef83f3: version 0.5.8
05 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] b47c54: [leaseinfo] fix accidental closure of file pointer...
13 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 04fc08: make sure provided hostname is null-terminated
27 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 80ba0c: version 0.5.13
13 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 0aae5e: debug: changed several trace to debug calls
21 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] ea0ff7: version 0.5.12
19 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] a1976f: addrconf: enable to write dhcp leases to disc
19 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 685520: infiniband: start after rdma service not openibd
21 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 793dc8: Require libnl3-devel in wicked-devel
12 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 7ea2e0: fsm: cancel timeouts on completed interfaces
20 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 5cf091: addrconf: exposed lease to/from xml utilities
04 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 427b55: client: Improve initialization of client-state str...
19 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] ebaabc: Turn "No valid config files found" into a debug ms...
05 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] ccb48c: version 0.5.7
28 Feb [wicked-commit] [openSUSE/wicked] 9cd036: util: fix ni_uuid_parse() to support 8-4-4-4-12 fo...
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