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Re: [uyuni-users] Bootstrapped salt minions never appear as systems
On 4/15/19 1:19 PM, David Mace wrote:
Hi, in our salt master config we have in /etc/salt/master.d/extra.conf

auto_accept: True

So we don't manually go to the UI to accept keys.

However in the rhn_web_ui.log I am seeing this error (not sure if it's
related though)

2019-04-15 12:11:40,184 [pool-7-thread-1] ERROR
com.suse.manager.webui.websocket.Notification - Notification
scheduledExecutorService exception
java.lang.NullPointerException: Deflater has been closed

It is not related, and looks like this error is raised because a browser was
closed during the transfer of notification data. We should probably not error
out this loudly, but other than that I do not foresee problems.

David, can you reliably reproduce this? How? Are there any other symptoms?

Dario, opinions?

Silvio Moioli
SUSE Manager Development Team
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