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[uyuni-devel] IMPORTANT: Mirrors are synced, updating to Uyuni 2020.07 should work fine again
Hi everyone,

It seems that all mirrors are synced now with the exception of two in Taiwan,
and one in Russia, as you can see at:

At this moment, updating should work fine again, even in those regions using
such mirrors, as most probably zypper is not using them (since they have
problems for a long time, since 2018 in one case, and we never got complains).

Best regards.

On lunes, 27 de julio de 2020 2:09:56 (CEST) Julio González Gil wrote:
Hi again.

Most mirrors got 2020.07 during the weekend, but there are some still with
2020.06: (South Africa) (Taiwan) (Taiwan) (Russia)

Therefore, we recommend you avoid updating until all mirrors are synced.

We hope the remaining mirrors are synced tomorrow Monday.

Best regards.

On viernes, 24 de julio de 2020 19:59:33 (CEST) Julio González Gil wrote:
Hi everyone.

Thanks to Philippe Bidault, we realized that there is some problems with
some of the mirrors where Uyuni is hosted, and for some reasons some of
them still have 2020.06 and not 2020.07.

Since zypper does not force using the same mirror for all downloads (in
end it calles the mirrordirector at, it could very
well that you get the metadata from an outdated mirror and the packages
from an

updated mirror, and you see failures such as:
"Warning: Digest verification failed for file 'bind-





but got

We are already in contact with the openSUSE heroes so the problem can be
solved, but in the meantime we recommend you wait before ugrading.

We will keep you updated so you can proceed with the upgrade as soon as
problem is fixed.

NOTE: A workaround is now posted at the uyuni-users mailing lists
(basically using to replace the
content on the migration script), but we DO NOT RECOMMEND you follow it
unless you already started the upgrade and you have a backup.

Julio González Gil
Release Engineer, SUSE Manager and Uyuni
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