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[radeonhd] HDMI support including Audio
Hi everybody,

attached is the new version of my HDMI patch wich should apply cleanly
to current git master.

As always i have fixed quite a bunch of bugs, including a very basic
misunderstanding how the audio timing should be calculated.

Whats currently done:
1. Tested and working on the RV620, RV630, 770/780G and M8x Chipsets.
2. Audio support with 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz and 16/20/24 bit resolution.
3. Changing resolutions with xrand while Audio is playing.
4. Multiple output types including TMDS, LVTMA, DIG and AtomOut are
supported and working.
5. The meaning of most of the registers is now known, including the
wiring between the different parts of the chipset.

Still ToDo:
1. Switching to other VT and back kills playing Audio.
2. Auto detection of HDMI support with E-EDID. E-EDID reading is now
possible with xserver 1.5, but as far as i can see these information are
not decoded/used.
3. More testing on different Hardware.
4. There are still 3 Registers, were i don't have a heck of the meaning.

I really have to say a very big "Thank You" to Rafał Miłecki, who tested
this patch on his laptop (with M8x chipset) and did a bunch of
debugging, helping me figuring out whats going wrong with the audio

Could somebody please commit this to the HDMI branch?
And does anybody know how long an account request on
needs to be completed? I'm still waiting desperately for this.

bye, Christian.
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