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[radeonhd] [Bug 15478] New: Detection Problems with Latest Git (2008-04-11)
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  • Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 21:38:15 -0700 (PDT)
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Summary: Detection Problems with Latest Git (2008-04-11)
Product: xorg
Version: 7.3
Platform: x86-64 (AMD64)
OS/Version: Linux (All)
Status: NEW
Severity: normal
Priority: medium
Component: Driver/radeonhd
AssignedTo: lverhaegen@xxxxxxx
ReportedBy: twhitehead@xxxxxxxxx
QAContact: xorg-team@xxxxxxxxxxx

Created an attachment (id=15866)
--> (
Xorg log as described above

I have a HP Compaq 8510w with the ATI FireGL option (a laptop with both a VGA
and a HDMI connector). Running lspci reports the card as

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M76 [Radeon Mobility HD
2600 Series],

and the Xorg logs report

(--) PCI:*(1:0:0) ATI Technologies Inc unknown chipset (0x9581) rev 0, Mem @
0xd0000000/28, 0xe4400000/16, I/O @ 0x4000/8.

I compiled and installed the latest radeonhd driver from the git tree yesterday
(2008-04-11), and am still experiencing the following (note that these are not
regressions as I had the same issues with the 1.1.0 release as well):

1- The EDID information for the laptop screen is not acquired under any
circumstances. Running rhd_conntest gives:

rhd_conntest: v1.1.0, non-git sources
Checking connectors on 0x9581, 0x103C, 0x30DF (@01:00:00):
Load Detection: RHD_OUTPUT_NONE

The Xorg log file contains lines like so

(II) RADEONHD(0): Query for AtomBIOS Get Panel EDID: failed
(WW) RADEONHD(0): No monitor size info, assuming 96dpi

(strange that 'Panel' is not all in caps there like everywhere else). The VESA
driver, however, reports the following:

(II) VESA(0): VESA VBE DDC supported
(II) VESA(0): VESA VBE DDC Level 2
(II) VESA(0): VESA VBE DDC transfer in appr. 1 sec.
(II) VESA(0): VESA VBE DDC read successfully
(II) VESA(0): Manufacturer: LPL Model: cd00 Serial#: 0
(II) VESA(0): Year: 2006 Week: 0
(II) VESA(0): EDID Version: 1.3
(II) VESA(0): Digital Display Input
(II) VESA(0): Max H-Image Size [cm]: horiz.: 33 vert.: 21
(II) VESA(0): Gamma: 2.20
(II) VESA(0): No DPMS capabilities specified; RGB/Color Display
(II) VESA(0): First detailed timing is preferred mode
(II) VESA(0): redX: 0.590 redY: 0.345 greenX: 0.326 greenY: 0.544
(II) VESA(0): blueX: 0.157 blueY: 0.141 whiteX: 0.313 whiteY: 0.329
(II) VESA(0): Manufacturer's mask: 0
(II) VESA(0): Supported additional Video Mode:
(II) VESA(0): clock: 122.0 MHz Image Size: 331 x 207 mm
(II) VESA(0): h_active: 1680 h_sync: 1712 h_sync_end 1776 h_blank_end 1904
h_border: 0
(II) VESA(0): v_active: 1050 v_sync: 1051 v_sync_end 1054 v_blanking: 1066
v_border: 0
(II) VESA(0): LGPhilipsLCD
(II) VESA(0): LP154WE2-TLA1
(II) VESA(0): EDID (in hex):
(II) VESA(0): 00ffffffffffff00320c00cd00000000
(II) VESA(0): 00100103802115780a19459758538b28
(II) VESA(0): 24505400000001010101010101010101
(II) VESA(0): 010101010101a82f90e0601a10402040
(II) VESA(0): 13004bcf100000190000000000000000
(II) VESA(0): 00000000000000000000000000fe004c
(II) VESA(0): 475068696c6970734c43440a000000fe
(II) VESA(0): 004c503135345745322d544c41310035
(II) VESA(0): EDID vendor "LPL", prod id 52480

2- If I plug an external monitor into the HDMI port (through a HDMI -> DVI
cable), either before or after starting Xorg, the monitor indicates it is
switching to DVI mode, but nothing happens on the computer end (xrandr report
nothing and nothing shows up in the Xorg logs). Running rhd_conntest gives:

rhd_conntest: v1.1.0, non-git sources
Checking connectors on 0x9581, 0x103C, 0x30DF (@01:00:00):
Load Detection: RHD_OUTPUT_NONE
HotPlug: RHD_HPD_1

3- If I plug an external monitor into the VGA port before or after starting
Xorg, it is recognized, and I can fully control it via xrandr. Running
rhd_conntest gives:

rhd_conntest: v1.1.0, non-git sources
Checking connectors on 0x9581, 0x103C, 0x30DF (@01:00:00):
Load Detection: RHD_OUTPUT_DACA

However, if I have plugged it in before restarting Xorg, I then run into these
additional issues:

a) I loose my ability to switch to a virtual terminal. That is, when I press
ctrl+alt+F1, the screen goes blank, but I can tell my key strokes are going to
the virtual terminal.

b) The latop screen also refuses to work (remains dark) on any subsequent
restarts of Xorg (without rebooting the latop) unless the external monitor is
re-plugged into the VGA port before the restart.

When I'm experiencing this dark screen thing, the Xorg log file reports:

(--) RADEONHD(0): Attaching Output DAC A to Connector VGA 1
(II) RADEONHD(0): LVDS SEQ Dig onto DE: 30
(II) RADEONHD(0): LVDS Off Delay: 500
(II) RADEONHD(0): LVDS Duallink: 0x1
(II) RADEONHD(0): LVDS 24Bit: 0x0
(II) RADEONHD(0): LVDS Temporal Dither : 0x40
(II) RADEONHD(0): LVDS Spatial Dither : 0x0
(II) RADEONHD(0): LVDS Grey Level: 0xc
(EE) RADEONHD(0): AtomBIOS returned 12 Grey Levels
(--) RADEONHD(0): Detected a 18bit dual link panel.
(--) RADEONHD(0): Attaching Output LVDS to Connector PANEL
(--) RADEONHD(0): Attaching Output TMDS A to Connector DVI-D 1
(II) RADEONHD(0): RandR: Adding RRoutput VGA_1 for Output DAC A
(II) RADEONHD(0): RandR: Adding RRoutput PANEL for Output LVDS
(II) RADEONHD(0): RandR: Adding RRoutput DVI-D_1 for Output TMDS A
(II) RADEONHD(0): Output VGA_1 using monitor section PANEL
(II) RADEONHD(0): Output PANEL using monitor section PANEL
(II) RADEONHD(0): Output DVI-D_1 has no monitor section
(II) RADEONHD(0): Query for AtomBIOS Get Panel EDID: failed
(WW) RADEONHD(0): No monitor size info, assuming 96dpi.
(II) RADEONHD(0): Output VGA_1 disconnected
(II) RADEONHD(0): Output PANEL connected
(II) RADEONHD(0): Output DVI-D_1 disconnected
(II) RADEONHD(0): Output PANEL using initial mode 1680x1050

Also, if I unplug the VGA connection without first disabling it with xrandr,
xrandr starts displaying bogus DVI-D_1 information (even if nothing has ever
been plugged into the HDMI connection) until I re-plugin the VGA connection or
run "xrandr --output VGA_1 --off" (which still goes through okay even after the
VGA connection unplugged):

Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1680 x 1050, maximum 1680 x 1680
VGA_1 disconnected 1280x1024+0+0 360mm x 290mm
PANEL connected 1680x1050+0+0 444mm x 277mm
1680x1050 60.1*+
DVI-D_1 disconnected
1280x1024 (0x46) 108.0MHz
h: width 1280 start 1328 end 1440 total 1688 skew 0 clock 64.0KHz
v: height 1024 start 1025 end 1028 total 1066 clock 60.0Hz

4- If xrandr is ran before plugging in the VGA connector, the display always
shows a miore pattern in the colours. This persists until Xorg is restarted
and the display is plugged in before running xrandr.

Thanks! -Tyson

PS: I've attached the complete Xorg log from the following session:

1- Boot the machine up with no external connections attached.
2- Run 'xrandr' (reports the laptop screen).
3- Plug in a VGA connection.
4- Run 'xrandr' (reports the laptop screen and the VGA).
5- Run 'xrandr --output VGA_1 --auto' (gives the miore screen).
6- Disconnect the VGA connection.
7- Run 'xrandr' (reports the laptop screen and bogus DVI_D-1 info).
8- Run 'xrandr --output VGA_1 --off' (turns off the external display)
9- Run 'xrandr' (reports only the laptop screen).
10- Plug in a HDMI connection (HDMI->DVI cable monitor).
11- Run 'xrandr' (reports the laptop screen).
12- Disconnect the HDMI connection.

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