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RE: [proxy-suite] Proxy of SSL sessions
::Without mirroring the frontend, you won't be buying them
::much, since SSL
::connections usually depend on sessions that expire, and they
::propably won't be
::cached because they would have expired on next use.

I know the sessions won't be cached, it's literally, as long as they can be
forced to use a specific route I can ensure that congestion is not a problem
for the delivery of International Bandwidth to this user for this APP only.

::What you might be buying them is the caching of the cosmetic
::stuff, like the
::pictures and non-ssl pages.

I definitely want to cache all images (the pages are .asp thereforee not
cacheable) and this is where the proxy side of the question came in.

::Getting back to the question, I don't believe there is a way
::to cache SSL
::connections, or proxy them since they are supposed to be secure and
::non-reusable. (or am I missing the point here?)

Nope, not missing the point, am trying to find a way is all.

I originally thought to have a non-authenticated SSL session between the ZA
proxy and the end user. The page they access consissts of one frame. this
frame is a direct refereance to the end US/EU server front end page.

Problem is I see no way once the SSL session is up to keep the traffic
passing through the frame...

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