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Re: New cdrwtool (trying to format too many blocks)
  • From: Norbert Preining <preining@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 22:10:06 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <20020203231112.A26556@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Fre, 01 Feb 2002, Ben Fennema wrote:
> > > If your seeing the new cdrwtool fail and the value for blocks is more
> > > than it used to be, could you send me the output of cdrwtool -i.
> Ok, give this patch a try.. It should fix the problem.

It worked out, here's the output of cdrwtool -d /dev/sr0 -q:
[root: ~] cdrwtool -d /dev/sr0 -q
using device /dev/sr0
4085KB internal buffer
setting write speed to 12x
Settings for /dev/sr0:
Fixed packets, size 32
Mode-2 disc

I'm going to do a quick setup of /dev/sr0. The disc is going to be blanked and formatted with one big track. All data on the device will be lost!! Press CTRL-C to cancel now.
ENTER to continue.

Initiating quick disc blank
Disc capacity is 273824 blocks (547648KB/534MB)
Formatting track
start=0, blocks=16, type=RESERVED
start=16, blocks=3, type=VRS
start=19, blocks=237, type=USPACE
start=256, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
start=257, blocks=31, type=USPACE
start=288, blocks=32, type=PVDS
start=320, blocks=32, type=LVID
start=352, blocks=32, type=STABLE
start=384, blocks=1024, type=SSPACE
start=1408, blocks=272128, type=PSPACE
start=273536, blocks=31, type=USPACE
start=273567, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
start=273568, blocks=160, type=USPACE
start=273728, blocks=32, type=STABLE
start=273760, blocks=32, type=RVDS
start=273792, blocks=31, type=USPACE
start=273823, blocks=1, type=ANCHOR
Writing UDF structures to disc
Quick setup complete!

Thanks a lot and best wishes.

Best wishes


Norbert Preining <preining@xxxxxxxx>
University of Technology Vienna, Austria gpg DSA: 0x09C5B094
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