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Re: [opensuse] So how did this happen?
On 02/10/2017 02:19 PM, nicholas wrote:
And Roy Schestowitz is kind of a known troll who hates SUSE.

Ciao, Marcus
Is the report accurate? If so, does it matter if he hates SUSE?
1 - that opensuse news was hacked - yes its all over the internet since at
least (CIO 07-02-2017)
2 - that it was hush hush - no [see 1] + techrights article dated 09-02-2017 +
see richard brown interview
3 - the "a known troll who hates SUSE" comment makes no assertion as to the
validity of the article. there is therefore no correspondence between "acurate
and hates suse" so your question doesnt make any sense.
4 - does slander based on conjecture of a hypotheticle strike you as accurate?
"If someone injected a back door inside SLED and SLES, SUSE would probably say
not a thing, only belatedly removing it and then lying about the whole thing,
just like Microsoft does".

did you even read the comment made, or the techrights article before you wrote

Yes, the Techrights article IS the one I saw of February 9, 2017. No, I did NOT see the breach mention on ANY OpenSUSE lists (I monitor several) and wondered and had it on my agenda to ask about it when I had a few moments.

Nicholas, since you're "simply a user", why so heated in both your responses to me and vehemence over all. I too am "just a SUSE user" since SUSE 7.x since before the stupid Novell/MS deal.

I'm also an IT professional with over 30 years experience. Modern standard operating practice is to publicly and officially acknowledge such breaches. Seeing an announcement on a third party site of a breach with NO announcements here, even if rapidly corrected, struck me as odd at best and possibly false.

The "heat" seen on these lists when the breach was asked about, starts looking like bunker mentality. And that raises the curiosity level even higher... Was the article inaccurate? Was it a troll? Why are official channels NOT making an announcement? All bringing credibility of all parties into question. So I asked... And got even MORE heat! So did others.

Marcus, I DO appreciate you taking the time to make the simple statement that
it did happen, what happened and that no significant information was
compromised. It's a thankless job.

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