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Re: [opensuse] big help needed with dual boot win 8.1 and 13.2
Richard írta:
Oh boy, I think I have done it now! Have been using suse for some time,
since at least 6.x so far as I can remember. While I have sometimes had
issues with install/upgrades I have usually been able to fix them with
some book time. Now since Win 8.1 is involved, I am in more trouble.


That is you can boot openSUSE and use it, and in openSUSE you can access your
windows partition and the files on it. It indicates that Windows is OK and
this is a booting issue. First check your partition setup, using cfdisk, fdisk,
parted, or gparted, whichever you have/know how to use. Identify the windows
partition(s) and openSUSE partitions. You might not need that info necessarily
but it is good to know it, anyway.
For safety copy all your important data/files onto an external disk or USB
stick from your windows and linux, (if you have a large external disk
everything), before you start to play with recovering. After this try to
regenerate the boot loader. oS 13.2 uses grub2. Here is a tutorial how to use

A little bit old but useful. It is for debian based systems which have an
update-grub command. openSUSE does not have this one. Use grub2-install
instead, eg:

# grub2-install /dev/sda

This should recognize you Windows and oS systems and install a bootloader for
If Windows is not recognized you have to manually add it. I don't have windows
so I don't know how to do it exactly (never tried) but in the above tutorial it
is explained.


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