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Re: [opensuse] Google Drive Ocamlfuse for 13.2
On 01/06/2015 01:23 PM, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
Dear openSUSErs,

I just want to inform you about the availibility of google-drive-ocamlfuse
13.2 here:

It allows to mount Google Drives via fuse.

Since build wasn't exactly straight forward, I expect a couple of failed
attempts in the openSUSE community already. Given, how many packages were
missing, it's a little frustrating to see collegues just adding a repo in
debian/ubuntu, installing the package, and be done with it. Oh well.

It seems to work fine, but bear with me, as I'm an Ocaml rookie. Ocamls build
environment isn't the real Mc Coy, either.

I'm interested in package build feedback of course, and you _might_ cc me for
technical issues, but put them in the proper places, e.g.:

Get the fun back-ly y'rs,

Well, It wasn't clear which of the dozens of RPMs I would need from that
so I just picked the first one, google-drive-ocamlfuse and let yast figure out
the rest
(and it turns out I needed nothing else).

Then I followed the directions (as user, not root) from this page:
and after answering a couple web page pop-ups from Google, It was up and running
quite painlessly.

Mounting and unmounting went well. Access is as fast as your internet
and all the functions of KDE Dolphin work, (previews, etc) because Dolphin
thinks its
a local drive.

ODT documents all insist they are locked by another user, so you can't edit them
in place. I seem to remember people having the same problem on NAS storage.

All in All, fairly painless.

Google still is promising a native linux Drive app, but they appear to be in no
as the promise has been on that page for a long time.

After all is said and done, more is said than done.
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