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Re: [opensuse] Migrating from HDD to SSD
Florian Gleixner wrote:
On 12/31/2014 04:25 AM, Rodney Baker wrote:
Hi all. A question for those with a little more experience with SSD's. I want
to move oS 13.1 from conventional HDD's to a 128GB SSD, everything except
/home. /var and some other general data storage partitions (so basically
/boot, /, /usr, /usr/local and /opt.

I have these already as separate partitions - can I use dd to copy the boot
sector and relevant partitions to the SSD and then connect it up in place of
the first hdd (currently /dev/sda) and expect the system to boot?

Would it be better to dd the boot sector, then create the new partitions and
rsync them across?

Yes, I will need to adjust fstab to point to the relocated partitions, but I'd
rather not do a full re-install if I don't need to.

Thanks in advance, & Happy New Year.

This is why i like LVM2, you can do a live migration - add your disk,
configure it in LVM2 and "pvmove" your content to the new disk. No need
to alter fstab. Only bootloader needs to be altered, if you want to
remove the old disk.

If you don't use LVM2, i would boot from CD/USB in rescue mode, create
filesystems on the ssd and copy the data with rsync. Take care to
preserve metadata (permissions, symbolic links, extended attributes ...)
- if you don't want to care - use dd. Alter the fstab and try to boot.
If it works, you can remove the old filesystems, if not, rescue boot and
try again.

I would use grub2-install or yast2 after booting with ssd, if you want
to move the /boot or the boot sector.

When an LVM works (Linux LVM or any other LVM), it works great.

When an LVM fails, it makes the mess 3x worse to clean up and get your
system back up and running.

I use LVM *only* in circumstances in which an LVM is needed.

Otherwise, all it does is create more points of failure.
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