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Re: [opensuse] Processes quitting
В Sun, 4 Jan 2015 20:57:55 -0600
Fred n Sandy <fred-n-sandy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> пишет:

Roger on the frustration. Also there is the noise coming
from the forum about workarounds when my original gripe was
that my server occasionally closes 3 running processes for
no known reason. I was wondering what might cause that.

Processes could simply exit normally; they could crash due to software
bug; they could run amok and be killed by kernel OOM (Out of Memory)
task; somebody could simply do "kill wrong-PID".

You waved off suggestions to wrap it in service file as "noise". It is
up to you of course, but having systemd service for your program would
immediately answer the first two questions (by showing you *why*
program exited); would preserve any program output for later
perusal and could capture core dump for further analysis.

Otherwise I can only suggest to strace your program and check what
happens before it "disappears".
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