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Re: [opensuse] pppoe in oS 13.2, was: dsl modem in openSUSE 13.2
Andrei Borzenkov írta:

You may try NetworkManager as workaround. In the worst case setup
rp-pppoe manually ...

OK, I tried rp-pppoe manually (downloaded on another installation).
Installation and setup was OK, it connect but can't ping anything. Seems
that the nameserver is not configured correctly. It should get the
nameserver address from the provider (as oS 12.2 does it correctly) but is
doesn't. Even if I can solve this nameserver issue how I make it work with

I do not know what kiniternet is,

It is a small program/applet. It has an icon on the taskbar which shows if
network is connected or not, active or idle. Internet connection can be
switched on/off by a single click. You can select and dial-in/hang up
connection with different network cards and providers.

but at the end yast simply created
PPP configuration.

In my installation YAST has not created a PPP configuration.
I don't understand what you mean.

Also seems to read that DSL setup is problematic even with NetworkManager
too in 13.2

There is nothing about NetworkManager in links quoted by you. What is
this statement based on?

I think this was that:

This is not a minor issue. Removing such an option (been there for more than
a decade) and it is not worth mentioning in the release notes?!

Did you file bug report? Did you test 13.2 before release?

I don't want to turn this into a rant, but I don't think that including a
substantial change (replacing ifup with wicked method) in the release notes is
a matter of bug testing and reporting.

Anyway, my firt goal is to make a working network connection first. Until it's
done openSUSE 13.2 is practically useless for me.

I would be glad if I could use this network similarly to how I use it in
earlier versions: i) one general network setting that affects the whole system,
every users, ii) users can connect to/disconnect from net by one click on the
network icon, iii) users can't add, remove, modify configured network



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