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Re: [opensuse] mc in 13.2: no "shell link"
Hello all and JFTR, [CC'ed to opensuse-de]

@opensuse-de: √úbersetzung usw. gibt's auf Nachfrage

On Tue, 09 Dec 2014, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Notice that the "Shell link..." entry is missing. Why?

The update I pushed which disables fish aka "Shell link" has,
according to, arrived at all
(still) supported distro-versions (i.e. are 12.3 and 13.1) by now
(look at the "official update" versions!, they're all at 4.8.13 for

If you (on 12.3/13.1) want to check why I disabled fish, test this
before you install the update:

$ mkdir /tmp/foo
$ chmod a-w /tmp/foo
$ cp whatever foo_to_be_moved_but_will_be_deleted
$ mc . .

- start your sshd allowing password based login locally (that's
another problem with ssh/sftp in mc which can be ignored for this)

- In mc now choose shell-link/fish to connect to localhost, change to
localhost:/tmp/foo as target (and stay local with the "source").

- Now, as source, select the file foo_to_be_moved_but_will_be_deleted.

- Then "Move" the file from "local" to "shell-link/fish" via F6.
You'll get an error (no write permission), as expected. BUT YOUR
SOURCE foo_to_be_moved_but_will_be_deleted WILL BE GONE TOO as if
the "move" had succeeded! NOT good, eh?

The passing of the error back from the VFS is broken. Fixing that is
rather complex. And, ISTR, that's not the only problem of the

So, what's the prudent path for a maintainer (and not a C-guru at
that) to take? Indefinitely wait for upstream? Or, as a kind of
"stop-gap" measure disable fish? There is an upstream bug pending, I
intend to again reproduce above and push the matter. If you can
reproduce too, join in the "fun".

Oh, and if anyone is willing and able to dig into the fish-code,
you're more than welcome and upstream will probably accept any sane

Until then, use sftp, if that works for you (apparently it does so
only passwd-based, even though the code hints at supporting key-based


PS@Mark: sorry, still unable to reproduce your sftp workaround,
but that is probably due to my local configuration. I still get no
connect if it's not passwd-based. Ho hum, *blushing* I think I
should check my "server-side" key-setup ... Currently, I use plain
CLI ssh/scp to do what I need, with no TUI (as mc) or GUI involved.

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the
ark; professionals built the Titanic. -- Anonymous
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