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Re: [opensuse] curious zypper and texlive packages behaviour (12.3)
On Mon, Jun 03, 2013 at 07:09:02PM -0600, Carlos F. Lange wrote:
In openSUSE 12.3, if I issue the commands
zypper install google-a*
zypper install google-*
zypper install google*
then all Google fonts starting with letter "a" or all Google fonts are
installed, as expected.

However, if I want to do the same with texlive:
zypper install texlive-a*
zypper install texlive-*
zypper install texlive*
Only the last version works as expected.

The first version says "Package 'texlive-a*' not found", even though
there are possibly more than 100 packages starting with "texlive-a",
and the second version just installs the one package

It almost looks like there is something wrong with the dash character
in the name of the texlive-* packages.

Guess ... the shell tries to expand the wildcard. You may escape or
quote to avoid this.

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