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Re: [opensuse] UEFI and W7 recovery?
On 06/03/2013 11:30 PM, j.e.perry@xxxxxxx wrote:

---- "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 2013-06-04 04:43, j.e.perry@xxxxxxx wrote:

I backed up my W7 system, but I don't want to lose the vendor-supplied recovery
(there is, of course, no recovery dvd).

I'm almost sure you can clone it from Windows. Maybe there is a program
supplied by the manufacturer
that creates it. If not, you can use ghost like tools to clone it externally.

I don't know of one. And another customer asked Samsung this question after he'd wiped
it without thinking to back up the recovery partition, and the reply was "send it in
for repair".

I know I can do it with dd, but I have to get a dd running first, which means
installing 12.3, which means possibly (probably?) wiping the partition. I have
no compelling reason to believe the recovery partition is corrupt, but I've
tried several times to repair the W7 partition (200G out of 1TB), and Windows
always says it's succeeded, and appears to work fine, but if I fire up Windows
maintenance again, it repeats the error message, and takes another 15 -- 20
minutes to repair it again. Repeat ... Repeat ...

When I boot into 12.3 install, I get the message,
"You have to delete all existing partitions to get a valid uefi boot
partition", or text
to that effect. There are no other options offered (the present partition
setup is corrupt
due to the disastrous 12.2 attempt), and I see no way to avoid wiping the
recovery partition.

If the layout is corrupt due to previous attempts, simply run the manufacturer
recovery procedure on
that partition. Let it reinstall Windows, then try again with openSUSE.

Tried that; that's how I got a running system back after the VB/12.2 disaster.

It's a 64-bit Home Premium system, Andrey. I've been thinking about buying a W7Pro
package (several Windows-only programs needed), but the "send for repair"
demand from Samsung worries me. And, of, course, the cost of W7Pro.


You should be able to run dd from a Live CD--I think it's going to be on it.

You should be able to get an upgrade Windows 7 Pro for less than a new
install. You MUST have some version of Windows on the drive to use the
upgrade. But if you download the upgrade, make SURE you make a CD of
the program, because if you don't, and something happens to your
installation, you'll need a disk copy to reinstall it. (Just don't
reformat the partition first--remember you have to have a version of
Windows on the drive, working or not, to install the upgrade.)

BTW, I think there are some discounts available for Windows systems
--check with Google and see what's out there.

Also, you can get Windows 8 Professional upgrade also, and get the
free app called Classic Shell, which will make it look and work
like Win 7, but with Win 8 characteristics if and when you want them.

You can also get some KDE apps for Win 7 or 8--I find that Kate is
a nice text editor, and I could not live in Windows without the
file finder, which is just called "Folder" on the windows icon.
Unless you don't care where your file actually is! KDE card games
will also run in Windows--at lest the solitaire ones do.And I think
you can get Gwenview, but I'm not at a Windows machine, so I'm not
sure about that one.


Blessed are the peacemakers..for they shall be shot at from both sides. --A.M.Greeley
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