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Re: [opensuse] IPv6 in Firefox: does it work? The saga continues...
On 2013-06-03 23:08, James Knott wrote:
Carlos E. R. wrote:
That's the local IP of the router. Yes, its MAC is F8:1A:67:91:F4:22.
I can not choose the router IPv6 address, only on IPv4.
I don't see how I could assign an alias to the router address :-?

That is, I want the router to be fc00::1, I can't.

Like I said, just use that address in your hosts file.

Yes, I know.

BTW, my firewall does wind up with a ::1
address, but other computers use it's link local address for routing.

I just checked the printer again (the address on my initial post). It is an HP CP1515n. The IPv6 config has only on/off, I can not choose the address at all. It is the link local address or nothing. I have checked both the LCD menu on the printer, and its web page. IPv4 is configurable, IPv6 is not.

So, IPv6 support is very limited even with hardware that says it has IPv6

I have found some other issues in Yast.

mdns 5353/tcp # Multicast DNS
mdns 5353/udp # Multicast DNS

I wonder if I should open that one :-?

I'm not sure why you'd need that. I use regular DNS and it works fine. I use a
DNS with an IPv6
address, but any DNS should be able to provide both IPv4 A records and IPv6
AAAA records.

No, I don't what that is for, either. Maybe autconf related.

No, I mean the 64. I can put anything, but I don't know what to put.

The normal IPv6 is a /64. You only worry about others, if you're splitting up
larger blocks into
individual lans. For example, I get a /56 from my tunnel provider, which I
could then split into
256 /64 networks. Since you're creating your own addresses, you may be able to
use other subnets,
but why bother. Go with the basics and get them going first.

Ah, Ok.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from oS 12.3 "Dartmouth" GM (rescate 1))
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