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Re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-factory] Date and time update wrong.
Op 30-10-12 15:09, Patrick Shanahan schreef:

OK, guess I have not ever had the need or inclination as it to me is very
simple to edit /etc/ntp.conf

As is usually the case, the pools are suggestions and not exclusive and
some may not work for you, just at you say the green gecko screen should
not be. You are not adverse to changing *many* other configuration items
without knowledge of the consequences, why the hangup on using the
suggested sites?

What exactly do you mean?

A user, like myself, would like to believe, that when he wants to change something, the tools provided for the job, are actually working.
I am kinda used to that idea.
So when these tools do not, they become, maybe, 'over-important',
or seem to others, (with the right on their own opinion), that what i like to achieve is not that important in their eyes, which is np at all for me. ;-)

I would vey much like to know, how to change a 'brand' to something i like more.
And it is nothing more than an image, i want to change.
I would really like the login-theme switcher would work, or how to change it otherwise.
But nobody can give me an answer that actually works.
So the only thing left is try to find out myself, or, stay stuck with the damn pic.
Thas all.

ps: it does look better that your posts are chronologically aligned with
everyone elses. <:^)

Of course, try using skype with date and time wrongly


Have a nice day,

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