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Re: [opensuse] SuseFirewall2 does not allow pings to ext network?
On 10/28/2012 10:52 AM, Togan Muftuoglu wrote:
On 10/27/2012 07:53 PM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
I get the feeling that this is some kind of routing or NAT issue because
I am not able to access any other service provided by devices on the
external network, from computers on the internal network, either.
Although my firewall computer can do so just fine. On the external
network I have a router which is the gateway between the external
network and the internet. It too is set up to do NAT translations and
has a simplified firewall, could it somehow be the cause of why my
internal network cannot reach devices on my external network? That seems
odd to me but then I don't claim to fully understand the way networks
work. What am I missing?
Either paste the output of the following to and send the
paste id or send it to the list

grep -v ^# /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2|sed /^$/d

Thanks Togan , nice way to strip out comments! I have posted the SuSEfirewall2 configuration to

and left the default expiration at 1 week. Hopefully someone can find something interesting that I have overlooked!


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