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[opensuse] Re: Re: Re: UEFI

It would appear that on Oct 26, Greg Freemyer did say:

Feel free to dive in, but the "goal" is to extend secure boot thru
grub2 to such that only signed kernels can be booted.

If you don't want that, turn it off. (Will Windows 8 run with Secure
Boot disabled? I don't know.)

Yeah, turn it off. That would be *_MY_* plan anyway...

But from the moment I first heard of this Secure Boot thing, I've had one
concern about the way "turning it off" may be implemented.

I suspect that most manufacturers will implement a means for a human to
disable it for the current boot cycle. Though I'm not so confident that there
will also be a means to save the disabled state for future boots.

In principle I'm don't find the idea of having to repeat that selection on
every boot offensive. However I'm concerned about the logic switch having a
narrow window of opportunity, like getting into the bios set-up screen on a
bios machine. I have had a bios machine where that was difficult. I can't
remember anymore which key it wanted, but let's say it was "F2"

Pressing it before it started listening was pointless. And I didn't have fast
enough reflexes to wait for the on screen message about which key and still
get it pressed before it was done listening. Nor did it work to just hold the
key down.

What I wound up doing was to start tapping on it about twice per second within
one second after pushing the on button. And continue tapping until I saw
either the bios screen or grub's first message. I found that it didn't usually
take more than 3 reboots before one of my keytaps would be accepted...

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