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Re: [opensuse] Manual Xorg configuration help on 12.2
On 2012-10-26 08:42 (GMT+0200) Koenraad Lelong composed:

It's a dual boot machine, with Ubuntu10.04 LTS on it, and now OS 12.2.
No place anymore for another operating system.

That's usually not true. Something can be resized to make space for a third or more for testing unless your HD is tiny. Most of my test partitions are 4.8G, some only 4.0G. Test partitions don't need to be kitchen sink installations or have separate partitions for /home or anything else, and they reuse existing swapper.

OTOH, should you choose to repartition, I suggest to consider also to create a small primary of 80G to 400G to use just for a master bootloader that only you configure (manually). That way, installers and updaters shouldn't have opportunity to cause you to need to repair other installations.

I could use an external
disk, but I hesitate because I don't know Grub2 enough to restore my
system should grub be screwed up.

Install *buntu's Grub2 to its root partition, then make 12.2's Grub Legacy your master bootloader. Absent need to boot LVM or RAID or EFI BIOS, there's no need to complicate your openSUSE life with Grub 2. After installing Grub Legacy, remove Grub 2, as in openSUSE it can confuse by the allowed co-existence of both on a system, and by that I don't mean just you. Zypper will leave some Grub 2 files behind that you may want to remove manually to leave your system cleaner. See also:

I just tried the live-CD of Ubuntu 12.04 and there all works fine, I can
configure to have two working displays. Does this mean OpenSuse is the
culprit ?

Quite likely. openSUSE does a lot of custom patching.

I looked at the archives of opensuse.xorg, but that's an extremely
low-trafic list, only a few posts per month. But I'll try anyway.
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