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Re: [opensuse] Re: Dual boot 12.2 & W7
On Monday, October 22, 2012 01:12:05 PM JtWdyP wrote:

From my last post:
The challenge is that your system is already using all 4 primary partitions.
I have a friend that recently had to make a dual boot Windows/Linux pc in
exactly that same situation. He found a tool that allowed him to convert a
primary partition into an extended partition, and this freed up the hard
drive to be able to create the necessary partitions for installing the Linux

I don't know what that tool was, but I have an email out to him and as
soon as he gets back to me I will post again here. That way you can
simply convert a partition to an extended partition and you won't have to
delete your restore partition. Hope you can hold out a little longer until I
am able to get that information - I am very pleased with my system and
the dual boot capabilities.


I got the email back from my friend and he said that he wasn't sure which
tool he used to convert primary to extended. Here is what he said:

I just did a search I think for "convert primary partition extended win
7". I think it was this one, It was over
a year ago and I no longer remember the name of the program. I know it
worked, and it was harder than you were thinking. The first primary
partition was the windows 7 boot partition. The second was big and was
the windows 7 system partition. The 3rd was diagnostics, and the 4th was
a recovery partition. I needed to convert the 2 partition to extended
and shrink it, all while not breaking windows 7, to make room for 3
logical drives for Linux.

I also found this link that might be a better option:


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