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Re: [opensuse] libvdpau1 update broken

On Wed, 24 Oct 2012, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* David Haller <dnh@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [10-24-12 20:09]:

Can confirm with mplayer on 12.1/x86_64 with libvdpau1-0.4.1-17.4.1
and nvidia driver 295.49 (the "certified" 304 locks up, both from the
repos and direct from with a GT610.

Same with libvdpau1-0.5-45.1.x86_64 from the X11:Drivers:Video repo.

Ooops, reading that again, that sounds as if I had no problems.
Actually, the picture is tinted blue quite badly with '-vo vdpau' in
mplayer (it's been ok, previously, but I haven't used it for quite a

but I am on 12.2+T'weed

Oh, that's new. Last time I checked a couple of days ago (looks:
21.10.2012!) that 304.60 driver I tried still was the latest (and
certified as well ;) Generally, I try new ones occasionally and stick
with a "found working" version (currently that's the 295). But I'll
check out the 310.14. Oh, the 304.xx in the oS repo had the same
behaviour as the .60 direct from nvidia.

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Teal'C: Daniel Jackson instructed me.
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correction, 1955

Huh?!? Daniel showed him to drive in 1969. As shown in the Episode
2x21 - 1969. :) And hey, it's in the script:

==== ====
01:25:24:28 JONAS: How'd you learn to drive?
01:25:26:23 TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson instructed me.
01:25:28:23 JONAS: When was that?
01:25:30:28 TEAL'C: I believe the year was 1969.

How d'you come up with 1955?

F'up2poster regarding SG-1,

[1] had a fan-less graphics G210 card and preferred that to stay cool
and let the very well cooled CPU do the decoding ("just" PAL
H.264). Also, vdpau can't play some files that the ffmpeg codecs
have no problems with (esp. some H.264 modes). And as I'm lazy, I
prefer not to have to recognise errors as vdpau errors and add
'-vo {gl2,gl,xv,x11}' to my commandline manually to watch some vid.

PS: non random double sig

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