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Re: [opensuse] kmail works great on desktop, very slow on laptop
On 10/24/2012 10:11 PM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Wed, 2012-10-24 at 18:32 +0800, George Olson wrote:
All my settings for kmail are exactly the same, as I had it next to the
desktop and set up the accounts and identities exactly as I had them on
the desktop.


But are your system settings the same?

If you run a disk benchmark how different are the results [although
being slow deleting e-mail seems ridiculous].

Sorry, a little above my head, I am somewhat new at this. How do I run a disk benchmark in opensuse?

Is the disk light on your laptop on all the time?

Of late it has been on more frequently, and my core temperatures seem to be up on average of about 15-20 degrees(F) from what they were before.

If you do a manual DNS lookup from your laptop is it slow?

Again, sorry, not sure how to do that. Can you advise me?

So, short of having to do a clean install of opensuse 12.2

Don't do that. It might not fix it.

Ok, thanks.

My laptop is also running on wireless, while my desktop is plugged in.

Ah. Can your plug your laptop into the cable and see if it makes a

Ok, I can try that later. However, I might point out that my browser speed and thunderbird speed seems basically the same on both pc's. It is only the kmail program that there seems to be a difference.

Are both laptop and desktop the same architecture (i686 vs x64)?

Again, sorry I am not quite so techy. They are both 64 bit, but I am not overly familiar with i686 vs. x64. Can you point me to a website with a good explanation?

Box #1: 12.2 | KDE 4.9.2 | AMD Phenom IIX4 | 64 | ATI Radeon HD 3300 | 16GB
Box #2: 12.2 | KDE 4.9.1 | AMD Athlon X3 | 64 | nVidia C61 GeForce 7025 | 4GB
Laptop: 12.2 | KDE 4.9.2 | Core i7-2620M | 64 | Intel HD Graphics 3000 | 8GB
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