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[opensuse] kmail works great on desktop, very slow on laptop

As I am using kmail in KDE 4.9, I found that it installed really well and easily on my desktop, but not so well on my laptop.

Here is probably the principal difference - the desktop was a clean install of opensuse 12.2, while the laptop was an upgrade. Both were done from the DVD.

The difference in performance is this. On my desktop, when I set up my accounts, it took all of about 5 minutes (ok, maybe a little longer, but it finished quickly) to download all 5000 emails that I have in different folders into kmail (I have offline mode selected, and I am using IMAP on a gmail account). On my laptop, I am going on 9 hours now and it is still working on it.

Another difference in performance is that on my desktop, I can select 50 old emails that I don't want anymore, and hit delete, and within 5 seconds they are all gone. On my laptop, I select just one email, hit delete, and it takes a really long time - I waited 20 minutes and then gave up and aborted the deletion.

All my settings for kmail are exactly the same, as I had it next to the desktop and set up the accounts and identities exactly as I had them on the desktop.

So, short of having to do a clean install of opensuse 12.2, which I really don't want to do as I have several other programs that took a lot of work to install, what might be the cause of this? Are there some networking libraries or something that I need to look at?

My laptop is also running on wireless, while my desktop is plugged in. However, my speed in browsing the internet in firefox is the same for the desktop and laptop.

I appreciate any hints on solving this one. Also please let me know what further information I need to post. My email accounts are all gmail IMAP, and they were set up with the autodetect on port numbers standard for gmail (IMAP port 993, SSL/TLS, Clear text authentication; SMTP port 465, SSL, LOGIN authentication).

Box #1: 12.2 | KDE 4.9.1 | AMD Phenom IIX4 | 64 | ATI Radeon HD 3300 | 16GB
Box #2: 12.2 | KDE 4.9.1 | AMD Athlon X3 | 64 | nVidia C61 GeForce 7025 | 4GB
Laptop: 12.2 | KDE 4.9.1 | Core i7-2620M | 64 | Intel HD Graphics 3000 | 8GB
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