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[opensuse] Re: Suse 12.2 battles and victories

It would appear that on Oct 23, Jim Sabatke did say:

-> Then I tried Ubuntu; what a huge mistake. It worked great with the network,
-> but it's an incredible PITA with loading software and security is a disaster;
-> any user can su with their own password. I was looking for a solution where
-> my girlfriend couldn't add things she didn't understand where harmful, and
-> there is no good reason she should know.

Don't get me wrong Jim, you made the right decision when you picked OpenSuSE
over Ubuntu... But the "any user can su with own password" issue is easily
resolved by editing the /etc/sudoers config file (with visudo) you can stop the
own password garbage by first creating a root password. (Which on Ubuntu is

$ sudo passwd root

Then editing the /etc/suduers to include the tag "targetpw" on the "defaults"
line. After which you need to know the root passwd to do root stuff.

-> Now I just need a reliable way to kill the Synaptics touchpad; it doesn't
-> off when switching users or timing out to a login screen. I wish there was
-> easy way to have it turn itself off when a USB mouse is plugged in. For now
-> I'll just make a couple of scripts and put them into the screen menu so my
-> can remember how to turn it off.

It would appear that on Oct 24, Phil Savoie did say:

Hey Jim,

Not sure if Opensuse has synclient as I now use centos but this should work.

synclient TouchpadOff=1 (disables the touchpad)

Should be put in either the .bash_profile or in the .bashrc file.

Yes Phil it's in there, I use it every day.

But putting it in those files only works if you use a display manager to
login. If you log in on a virtual console (tty) in runlevel3 the command will
fail (needs X) Since I use startx to start the GUI (when I'm ready for it)
I get better results putting my synclient command in ~/.xinitrc instead...

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