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Re: [opensuse] Plymouth...
Op 24-10-12 01:38, Felix Miata schreef:
I know YaST hasn't yet been fully adapted to supporting Grub 2, and I doubt its been updated to fully provide for Plymouth or Systemd either. Likely theming and branding are in similar states. If you want to get YaST to fix your boot screens to your liking, try removing Plymouth, and if your eeePC does not require anything Grub Legacy does not provide, removing Grub 2. None of my openSUSE systems have either Plymouth or Grub 2 installed, 12.2 or otherwise.

Grub2 is not bad, as the configuration tool provides/permits a simple way to add changes, which take about no time at all. Easy done is the keyword in this time, because time there is too little, always.

What i see here is the lack of consequence: The boot-screen-handling is divided in 4 separate parts, which would not be a problem, if these parts were nicely put together in one field, from which they could be configured: systemsettings.
We have:
1) Grub or grub2 bootloader (or lilo the other one, which name i do not remember right now)
When using more than one os, one can not do without, simple, but np.
2) Plymouth, with 'the moving lights', which i think is a nice touch, if one only could change its background....
3) KDM3, very old, for the loginscreen, which can only be changed to a worse state than the present.
4) The actually 'start-up' screen, that boots immediately into the os, and can be configured accurately, simple, and nice, like fading into the desktop, which looks very smooth to me.

1 and 4 are configurable, but on an entirely different spot.
The logic escapes my comprehension at this point: Why searching the whole machine to find things that belong on one place?
If we would let the cpu calculate, it would find a better alternative in no time at all: the logic solution.

The grub2 config tool can be found here:

So, only 3 things have to be solved at this time:
1) How to change the background in the plymouth splash screens.
2) How to replace the KDM3 script with a KDM4 one.
3) Put all of them at the same place, or just create links to their config at one place.

And with this, we create a much more user friendly desktop environment, which is very important, because people work better when they are happy, and more, if they don't have to loose valuable time on fruitless tries to make things to their likings.

Maybe Yast would be the place to do it, maybe not.
Maye sytemsettings is the place, and can link to root and yast anyway.
Obvious is, that these things, should be easy to find, and easy to change: People Happy, No time wasted.

My 2 cents,

Kind Regards,


Have a nice day,

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