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Re: [opensuse] multiboot 12.2 & W7
On 2012-10-21 18:15 (GMT-0400) Dennis Gallien composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

On 2012-10-21 18:04 (GMT+0200) Hans Witvliet composed:

> I got to make a new laptop with W7 dual bootable with 12.2.
> Normally i would just insert the dvd and let yast shrink the windows
> stuff, however i wonder if this is possible:

> i examined the drive and noticed that all primary partitions are already
> in use:
> sda1 200M ntfs 15%
> sda2 442G ntfs 7%
> sda3 20G ntfs 90%
> sda4 4g fat 73%
> Obviously, no media were supplied with the laptop.

> So what are my options?

Use the included tool to create media from the installed system, then wipe,
partition, and install sanely.

I don't agree.

Create media does not necessarily equate to create recovery media that limits recovery to the same belligerent OEM partitioning scheme.

This is the factory partitioning done by the manufacturer.
The 3rd & 4th partitions are worrisome - why a small NTFS and an extremely
small FAT? This looks suspiciously like a recovery system setup. And a lot
of these systems - which are rarely documented - will not permit OS recovery
with any changes. If that recovery can't be used, only a retail copy of the
OS will work.

You wouldn't be any better worse off than before starting by doing it. At least you'd be ready for when the HD dies by having something with the original OS to install on a new HD.

I'd check with the manufacturer first to see what it is doing.

And if there isn't one already there needs to be a DB somewhere to track manufacturers that create this obstacle to multiboot, enabling prospective buyers to reward those that don't.
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