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[opensuse] Re: [libreoffice-users] North American DVD 3.5.6
Tom Davies wrote:
I think Tim uses a dual-boot on his main machine so the linux option is fine.

Errr, did someone say they managed to generate an Md5 of the iso on the website
and compared it to one generated from their download? If so does that mean the
one they generated could just be written onto the website? Sorry, i am being
really slow on the uptake here!

You'd get the md5sum from the web site and compare with the downloaded file md5sum. The only one writing to the web site should be the one who placed the files there. Please note that md5sum verifies only the integrity of the downloaded file. If it came from a web site after it had been tampered with and the md5sum recreated, then you could still get something nasty. So, it's best to check against the original source md5sum. There may be authorized mirrors of the original site that can also be trusted.

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