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Re: [opensuse] Repost:Re: what is the difference between zypper dup and yast switch system packages
On 10/21/2012 12:25 AM, JtWdyP wrote:
I don't know what happend to this, But it seems my reply didn't make it to

But whether you read that or not, may I strongly suggest that before you run
"zypper dup" on a running system, do first back up your system partition(s)
with clonezilla or something. That way if they are right and "zypper dup"
is more risky than ubuntu's "apt-get dist-upgrade", and your system gets borked.
You'll still be able restore what you had via the backed up partition(s)

Have fun with it...

Thanks for the reply. I looked over the forum, and it seems like the gist of it is that zypper dup is dangerous when done just as a plain zypper dup, but the post does not seem to reflect much on the use of the different options with zypper dup.

I have upgraded to KDE 4.9 several times on a few different machines using zypper dup and the --from option, and they have all gone very well. I have also done the upgrade using yast change system packages, and I did not feel like there was much difference. It seems that as long as you have your repositories set correctly, they are basically the same thing.

I have not done a backup when I did that, but now after reading your post I think I will make a backup image before I do a zypper dup again, just to make sure I don't destroy my system.

Thanks for the tip!

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