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[opensuse] Repost:Re: what is the difference between zypper dup and yast switch system packages
I don't know what happend to this, But it seems my reply didn't make it to
the list the 1st time...

It would appear that on Sep 27, George Olson did say:

So here is the question. When you upgrade via yast by switching system
packages, is it the same as using the --from option with zypper, the same as
using the -r option with zypper, or is it something different?

1st, pardon me for not responding sooner. But I've only just recently
installed an OpenSuSE system again on my laptop. And I've been spending
more time with the forum than this list. And only just noticed your
unanswered post.

I decided to respond anyway because I've just been on the receiving end of a
*_LOT_* of help with regard to "zypper dup" from forum gurus who seem to
think this is better done with yast...

The 1st thing you should know is that while "zypper dup" is a wonderful
tool for changing from one release to another
{like 12.1->12.2 or 12.x ->Tumbleweed etc...} It is not recommended for
routine updates. (I guess it can really hose your system)

I'd recommend you read how they patiently tried to talk me out of doing a
"zypper dup" They explained a lot of what your asking...

But whether you read that or not, may I strongly suggest that before you run
"zypper dup" on a running system, do first back up your system partition(s)
with clonezilla or something. That way if they are right and "zypper dup"
is more risky than ubuntu's "apt-get dist-upgrade", and your system gets borked.
You'll still be able restore what you had via the backed up partition(s)

Have fun with it...


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