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Re: [opensuse] Re: 12.2 on a Windows 7 machine
Thank you so much for your like to the SWAT site. The script worked easily and perfectly. My desktop Linux box is at 12.1, which is still a version SWAT supports; they haven't made changes to support 12.2 yet. That's really OK for that box as I run GIMP a lot and support and compatibility usually runs quite a bit behind. In fact, when I load the latest GIMP from the Suse site, and I really want the new version, it breaks the system pretty badly, but that's a discussion for another day.

Now I need to find out if I can get away with making my fairly new HP laptop strictly a Linux box (if it is a challenge to make it dual boot). The only issues I see are:

- Wireless support, which I have read is now well supported as of 12.2 (Broadcom 802.11 Wireless Adapter, builtin).
- Built-in camera support, which isn't strictly something I have to have as it is a pretty crappy camera and I wouldn't mind adding a USB camera (I can't find any reference to the builtin camera model on the computer or online, but it's light gathering power is so poor I really need something else if I plan to use it.)
- The ability to stop the touch-pad driver when a mouse is plugged in. The touch-pad is so ridiculously sensitive that it is useless. I'm sure that's an easy adjustment to make.

So, any feedback on the wireless capability and it's ease of setup would be really appreciated. I am a little leery of online "oh, it's just an easy setup" because easy to some is hopeless to others. If I know it will work, I will go for it though.



On 10/15/2012 11:12 PM, Malcolm wrote:
On Mon, 15 Oct 2012 22:49:53 -0500
Jim Sabatke <jsabatke@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OK, I've been using Suse for about 15 years now, but I am not a
network or systems guy. My education and background is in software.
I've learned a lot about managing systems because I've had to and I
don't mind learning. The changes from version to version can really
throw me, for example, it took me weeks to get SAMBA working on the
Linux end, but then it worked great (version 11.1). When I upgraded
to 11.2, I saved the SAMBA data and copied it back in and it worked
fine. With 12.1 it no longer works and I haven't been able to figure
it out. I understand and accept the limits of Suse documentation and
have learned a lot struggling with services, but on the other hand,
after 15 years, I still don't understand what "routing" tables are or
how they work, and I've read a lot on it. Those aren't my issues
today, I just want to set your understanding of where I am and my own

I want to setup my HP laptop for Windows 7 and Suse 12.2 dual boot. I
would go completely Linux if I knew I could get everything, including
camera and networking working. I also need at least one computer
setup with Windows internet access for online setup of a couple of
device configurations, including my entertainment center remote,
which only works under Windows. I also have a lot of files on the
laptop that I cannot risk losing, but I don't have any easy means to
back them up, especially since SAMBA no longer works on my desktop

That brings up the following:

My laptop has only one partition of the type needed to load an
bootable operating system. I forget the type, but when I tried to
load Suse a year ago I trashed the computer and lost everything. Like
some other things, I don't really understand this aspect really
well. I can certainly setup up partitions otherwise and have been
doing it for many years, including on Windows/Linux computers.
Documentation says "just use gparted," but then no help from there,
and again, I don't want to trash my computer with a mistake from
limited knowledge. I know this is a common issue, and people who do
understand all the issues together have some trouble getting it to
work, but eventually do, but nobody gives a step-by-step, which
shouldn't be that long a document, on how to prepare a system for
loading Linux for dual boot. Like others on google searches, I can't
find anything that makes sense and I just don't know enough to pull
the trigger, and I don't really know how to acquire the knowledge
because there are so many incomplete and conflicting essays on the
subject. So, I'm asking:

- Is there any help for SAMBA, especially changes since 11.2? That
way I could back up my system and not be so worried. Otherwise, the
home edition of Windows 7 is extremely restrictive about network

- Is there any comprehensive documentation for installing a dual boot
system like I want to do?

Thanks in advance,

Have a stooge around the forum for articles, blogs and threads ;)

For example;

You might also want to look at one of the forum admins site;

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