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Re: [opensuse] Re: add prompt to rm command

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012, Dave Howorth wrote:
e-letter wrote:
Thanks, how to make that option permanent please?

Use a shell alias


What a time tested way to shoot yourself in the foot.

As per Murphy, you'll "accidentally" remove the only existing copy of
your most important file WHEN (not if!) that alias is not set for
whatever reason, and at the most inconvenient time (e.g. your
dissertation the evening before your last chance to hand it in).

Really: DO NOT ALIAS 'rm' TO 'rm -i'. EVER.

THINK before you type and hit enter.

You may define a seperate name for the purpose, e.g. 'rmi', and you
won't do a 'rm' when you intend do to a 'rm -i'.

-dnh, never been using the "Winders" recycle bin ever, for the time I
used Win (ca. '94/WfW3.11-'99/W95), and I never aliased rm. I
manage my files with midnight-commander, and the GNU toolchest and
some more (ls, cp, rm, mv, ..., mmv(!))

no amount of Zen contemplation will ever make you at one
with a 3c905B ethernet card. -- Alan Cox
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