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Re: [opensuse] menu.lst not updated in latest kernel upgrade
On 2012-10-16 18:22 (GMT+0800) George Olson composed:

When I went to reboot, my menu.lst had not been updated (as it has in the
past when I was on 12.1), so the system would not boot up.

That never happens to me. YaST always makes symlinks vmlinuz and initrd to the latest kernel and initrd, so any time a menu.lst update fails, all that's necessary is to edit the grub lines on the fly to remove the version portion of the kernel and initrd lines before proceeding to boot the new kernel. Another reason why when menu.lst update failure does happen I don't see this is that I keep multiversion set for kernel in zypp.conf on all my systems, so usually there's an older kernel to boot if there's a problem with the newest.

Another way to get past a non-updated menu.lst is to drop to the Grub shell and form kernel and initrd lines manually on a cmdline, same as if there were no menu.lst at all. Menu.lst amounts to little more than a script for the Grub shell to use to display a nice menu.

Is there something I am missing here? I would have thought that menu.lst
would have been automatically updated when the upgraded kernel was
installed with zypper patch.

My menu.lst was updated normally when I did a zypper dup getting that kernel yesterday on a 64 bit 12.2 Grub Legacy system, though I probably do mine differently than most people:

zypper ref
zypper al kernel-desktop
zypper dup
zypper rl kernel-desktop
zypper dup

I get annoyed seeing multiple builds of initrds and resulting process completion delay, and this procedure forces a new kernel to get its done only once before the next round of updates builds each one three times or more after updates to mkinitrd, udev and/or other things that affect what necessarily goes into each initrd.

That system, like all my systems, also has had /boot/grub2 and any remnants
of grub2 an original installation may have left in /etc removed.
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