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Re: [opensuse] Re: OT: BOYCOTT DELL
2012. október 15. 12:15 napon Linda Walsh <suse@xxxxxxxxx> írta:

Thomas Taylor wrote:
On Sun, 14 Oct 2012 22:01:17 -0500
Duaine Hechler <dahechler@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On 10/14/2012 09:53 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Duaine Hechler <dahechler@xxxxxxx> [10-14-12 22:37]:
End of rant and informational - because - some of you just don't
get the point.

Oh, but you don't get the point.

You show up at the DMV with a car and try to register it without the
owner signing over the pink slip and you wonder why they won't help you and
about it on an unrelated list?

How bright do you think you look?

Did you buy support with the computer?

If not, then why would you think they would support you?
Right now, you need to prove you own the computer and didn't
purchase stolen goods.

You cannot compare a car to a laptop.
First, the owner of the car is important for legal reasons, like license plate,
in accident, traffic offense, etc. Second, not the seller or car maker requires
that info,
it's the government (not taking into account warranty period).

I completely understand Duaine.
IMO the support should go with the equipment whoever is the owner.
It should be enough to give a serial number or other ID printed on the
device to satisfy the seller/supporter that the customer is eligible for the

I can't either understand Dell's attitude. Such a big company
could even give support to someone who is not officially eligible.
They wouldn't be poorer.

As for the offtopic subject: it really does not belong to openSUSE list,
but since Duaine is member of this list and not a dell list or windows
list he turned to this list. I understand this.
However I doubt that his action will be very efficient.


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