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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird conversation add on
lynn said the following on 10/15/2012 07:56 AM:
12.2, tb 15.0

Some mailing lists do not show the 'reply to list' option, as this list
does, when conversation is installed.

Is there a setting I need in the add on?

I doubt it very much. Some lists simply don't convey the information in
the headers, headers that you normally don't see.

If you look at the raw message you will see something like

List-Post: <mailto:opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

in the headers for the lists that have a 'reply to list'.
The lists I subscribe to that don't have that header don't produce an
active 'reply to list' button in Thunderbird.

See, for example

You might also look at
but I suspect that is not exactly what you are asking about.

My point is that if the list manager software doesn't use that field,
and Yahoogroups and others don't, then there is no 'reply-to-list' as a
separate function.

Recall, however, that we have debates here as to whether the basic
'reply-to' should be to the list or the author. With Yahoogroups
'reply-to' is to the list, that is it does what 'rely-to-list' does here.

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