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Re: [opensuse] 11.2/KDE significantly faster than 12.2/KDE
Quoting Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
As described in another thread, I recently upgraded a laptop to 12.2
only to receive massive complaints from the user that it had become
slow to the point of being unworkable. I received various suggestions
here on the list and tried them without achieving much improvement.

Yesterday I installed 11.2 on exactly the same hardware, and it
is _noticeably_ faster, even with the default settings. Looking at
memory usage etc., there doesn't appear to be any significant
differences between the two systems.

Here is an example of the difference:

11.2 - screensaver is on, screen is blank. I hit a key, and
have the login window *snap*! in less than 1 second.
12.2 - screensaver is on, screen is blank. I hit a key, and
have the login window in, wait for it..., about 2 seconds, some times
even 5.

I can't really point a finger at anything in particular - the machine
isn't overloaded, doesn't do much swapping, eye candy has been switched
off, yet 12.2 seems particularly slower when switching tasks, including
the time it takes for the switched-to window to become "ready".
(I picked 11.2 by accident, it was the nearest NET install CD within

These two machines will most likely just remain on 11.2, maybe I'll try
11.4 too, so problem solved - it's just annoying that there should be
such a difference.

It isn't just KDE. I updated a 10yro laptop from 11.2 and one of the Window
Managers to 12.2 XFCE and I see the several second delay to switch virtual

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