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Re: [opensuse] 11.2/KDE significantly faster than 12.2/KDE

On Sat, 13 Oct 2012, Per Jessen wrote:
I can't really point a finger at anything in particular - the machine
isn't overloaded, doesn't do much swapping, eye candy has been switched
off, yet 12.2 seems particularly slower when switching tasks, including
the time it takes for the switched-to window to become "ready".

Have you (have had) turned off / uninstalled any indexing stuff?
Tracker, Zeitgeist, strigi, yadayadayada?

-dnh, who has even disabled updatedb and runs that manually via an own
script every couple of months[1] when changes not indexed
otherwise, like my music/media stuff, have changed enough.
Oh, yes, I _WANT_ locate, but I don't need to update the db that
often, as the system and most other stuff is pretty static.

[1] anything from 1 to 9 months or so ;)

"Any technology, no matter how simple, is magic to those who do not
understand it." -- Florence Ambrose in Freefall
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