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Re: [opensuse] grub2 upgrade multiboot, windows fix
On 2012-10-10 21:46 (GMT+0800) George Olson composed:

I decided to upgrade to grub2, seeing if the bootloader would make a hangs right there whenever I go to boot up....Any ideas
on what to do next?

It's hard for me to imagine what suspend or hibernate could have to do with a

WRT booting it's obvious you didn't need anything Grub2 can do that Grub
Legacy can't, so reinstall Grub Legacy. Grub2 is still buggy and incomplete,
especially WRT YaST integration. Because it's a complete rewrite from scratch
compared to Grub Legacy, it should have been given a rather different name
and released as v1.0. At this stage Grub2 really is v1.0 software. Grub
Legacy may be missing features some people need (e.g. EFI boot, >2TB HD
support), but for everyone else, it works as well as ever, including being
simpler to install, and especially, maintain. It doesn't depend on files
scattered about other than its few in /boot/grub, and it doesn't go crazy with warnings if you don't want it installed on the MBR, where in most cases it not only has no need to be, but shouldn't be:
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