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Re: [opensuse] Can`t start KDE in opesuse 12.2
On 2012-10-02 19:20 (GMT+0200) Gunnar composed:

I have "lost" my Opensuse.
I have tried to upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2.

Tried how?

After the upgrade was done, I got an error, and that I had to:
RPM --rebuilddb.
No I can`t log in, it seem that the graphic system are broken.
I can log in to consol, but no KDE start up.

What shows up in /var/log/Xorg.0.log? Any clues, either there, or in /var/log messages?

Tried Zypper dup. Error while loading shared libraries.Libxm 12. so2.
Cannot open shared object file. No such file or directory.

If you originally tried to upgrade using zypper, did you first bring 12.1 current with all updates? What repos were/are enabled?

I rarely have any significant trouble upgrading from one version to the very next with zypper. But, I probably don't do it like most others do:

1-enable multiversion for kernel in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf
2-zypper up on original version
4-backup initrd(s)
5-zypper clean -a
6-update repos to target version (I do it manually via OFM editor)
7-zypper ref
8-zypper in openSUSE-release zypper rpm mkinitrd glibc yast2-bootloader perl-Bootloader wget curl
9-zypper al kernel-desktop
10-zypper dup
11-zypper rl kernel-desktop
11-zypper in kernel-desktop

Done this way you should have the option to boot the old kernel if something goes wrong upgrading to the new one, while installing the kernel last ensures everything else gets upgraded before initrd gets built for latest kernel. Sometimes I reboot on old kernel before installing latest kernel.

Another option is configure multiple / partitions (multiboot, like people who also use Windows do), then at new release time, install clean on the other / instead of upgrading, and only switch to routinely using the new if and when it seems to be satisfactory.

For now, try what Ken suggested.
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