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Re: [opensuse] Re: unresponsive
Linda Walsh wrote:
Dave Howorth wrote:

Per Jessen wrote:
Even with hot spares, the array will be running degraded until it's
fully synced. With terabyte size disks, a resync can take quite a while
= window for disaster if a 2nd disk break.

Right. RAID 5 is not a good idea with big disks. RAID 6 is better if the
hardware is capable of it. Otherwise mdadm RAID 10 seems like a good

I disagree.

That's a pretty confrontational start. Well done!

1) RAID is no substitute for regular backups.

AFAICT, nobody has been discussing backups. Of course they're a good
idea. No disagreement there. They don't deal with availability though.

2) RAID 6 even in hardware created a noticeable penalty, while
RAID5 gets close to RAID0 speeds on READS and most WRITES.

Depends on the hardware and crucially on the load mix. Since this is a
public-facing server, I assume it is read-almost-always. If not, I'd
suggest the system architecture is wrong. So I disagree with your
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