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[opensuse] Re: Tips on Avoiding Any Hard Drive RAID Not Mounting on Startup and Failing to Multiple Error Levels
IDS000 wrote:

Like many, I too have had my share of RAID volumes being created and mounting perfectly
after creation only to findthat the Volume will not mount at boot and failing to any number of error levels.

Your information may be correct, dunno, but I a wimp on these things.
I don't want to boot to something my OS doesn't see as a single volume on
Too many things can go wrong in the OS... If it's in HW, or a BIOS,
then not as likely -- (RAIDS can always go bad, that's life), but you won't
have probs like you are mentioning if you boot to a single volume then
activate a RAID for the rest of your system. One unknown-cause RAID5
death (no disks were bad), was enough to put me off Software RAID for
some time.... things are better now (I think), but given the problems
with trying to force HDMI monitors into 1024x768 mode, that some modern
OS's seem to do, I may be guilty of wishful thinking (again)...

Often the user is presented with a shell repair mode and running repairs like fsck could be the
worst thing you can do. Often the problem is the superblock creation's the kicker...

Question is -- why are you running fsck?

if you are running with a RAID that makes it probable that you
have a larger file system -- XFS was designed for such -- and doesn't need

Then you've narrowed down the problem to madm or such. But to
continue -- you still need to have...well, boot from rescue CD works for

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