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Re: [opensuse] clearing KDE files
  • From: Will Stephenson <wstephenson@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 17:47:36 +0200
  • Message-id: <1702901.TCCbCsgLMd@emsig>
On Tuesday 24 Apr 2012 20:34:19 George Olson wrote:
On 04/23/2012 11:14 PM, Will Stephenson wrote:
If you are experiencing slowdowns, lockups, and unresponsive KDE, it could
be a bug in a kded module which I am currently troubleshooting. The
symptoms are intermittently unresponsive global shortcuts such as
ctrl-alt-del, unresponsive Plasma, slow to open KDE file dialog
integration in Chromium, Thunderbird etc. Can you provide more details
on your problem before we move on to slaughtering black fowl over your
keyboard and chanting?

I love the analogy. :) Ironic that for 3 years I lived with people who
really would sacrifice animals and make chants to the spirits in order
to help them in whatever problem they were dealing with (usually
sickness or for better results on their crops). But that is another story.

Ironically most users fall back to the same class of behaviours to solve their
problems. Perhaps naming Akonadi after an African goddess and Nepomuk after a
character in a German childrens' story encouraged this.

I had a problem with desktop effects in KDE 4.7.2, so I disabled them. I
have not turned them back on in KDE 4.8.2, but I think I will and try
and see how things go.

Please do, as Patrick is doing. If we find driver/hardware combinations or
individual desktop effects that cause slowdown with 4.8.2, we can disable
those OOTB for 12.2.

As far as the slowdowns, there is one time that I consistently notice a
slowdown, and it is when I am running rsync. I am rsync-ing for a backup
of my important files once a day or so. I wrote a little bash program
that runs several different rsync lines like this:

rsync -a --delete /home/george/BashScripts /xtra/.Databak/backup0
rsync -a --delete /home/george/bin /xtra/.Databak/backup0
rsync -a --delete --size-only /home/george/PassToVM/CLAwareDatabases
rsync -a --delete --size-only /home/george/PassToVM/CLAwareInbox

Those are only a few of the lines and not the whole program. However,
whenever I run the program the system does slow down considerably. This
particular slowdown does not seem to me to be like a KDE thing, but when
rsync is running my system load viewer pegs all 3 processors out at 100%.

I run something similar with rsnapshot every 4 hours and it is also very
efficient at pegging the CPU for a few minutes. I think it's normal.

However, I cannot peg any particular slowdowns definitely to KDE, except
that my system does *seem* to run better now that I cleared out those
files. So thanks to all for the insight on those files.

Since the files are now gone, we'll just write this one off as the gods
having been pleased with your offering.

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