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Re: [opensuse] 11.4 - xterm background went from dark to white after latest updates - how to fix?

On Fri, 13 Apr 2012, David C. Rankin wrote:
On 04/07/2012 11:42 AM, David Haller wrote:
On Thu, 05 Apr 2012, David C. Rankin wrote:
My xterm background in kde3 has always been a pleasing dark color
from my background color setting in either kde3 or gnome. For some
reason, after updates this past week, my xterm background had changed
to white? I didn't do anything to the box or reset anything, so where
do I look to set the xterm color back to dark? Which setting controls
this? Thanks.

The X Ressource Database possibly overridden via commandline. So,
let's look what's set:

$ xrdb -query | grep -i xterm.*background
XTerm*background: black
xterm*background: black

(can't remember which one's the correct one). Now, where can this come
from? In order, with later files overriding earlier:

Hmm, don't recall ever messing with it, but after updates and reset
to the dark background I have:

18:26 alchemy:~> xrdb -query | grep -i xterm.*background
xterm*background: #090d14
xterm.SimpleMenu*background: #18191d



*SimpleMenu*background: AntiqueWhite
*Form.menubar.background: AntiqueWhite
*Form.menubar*background: AntiqueWhite
*Form.background: AntiqueWhite
*form.background: AntiqueWhite

This explains the AntiqueWhite

"builtin" defaults of xterm.

[..irrelevant in this case..]


None of those files...

You'd have to create those ;)

How it's set? The app-defaults file is read by the app automatically
(AFAIR). The rest is read by from the xinitrc (now split off into

Hah! Found it:

21:11 alchemy:~/.kde/share> grep -r 090d14 *
apps/kthememanager/themes/dcrBlueSlate/dcrBlueSlate.xml: <windowBackground
rgb="#090d14" object="global" />
<windowBackground rgb="#090d14" object="global" />
apps/kthememanager/themes/original/original.xml: <windowBackground
rgb="#090d14" object="global" />

WTFF has a KDE App to mess with xterm ressources? And probably
overwriting settings from ~/.Xresources. As I don't use KDE, would you
test that by keeping above but adding something different to
~/.Xresources, e.g.:

xterm*background: khaki1
xterm*foreground: black

If your xterm (we're talking about xterm right? Not the KDE
"konsole", or do we?) then does not show up in black on off-yellowish,

printf 'xterm*background: khaki1\nxterm*foreground: black\n' \
| xrdb -merge

and open a new xterm after KDE is running.

It is set though the kthememanager. What that doesn't explain is why it just
suddenly reverted to white. Only thing I can think of is that ksycoca
got corrupted somehow and then was rebuilt on kde restart.

Gah. KDE. 'nuff said. *scnr*

Thanks dnh for providing the trial to follow. Good to know where it is set
now. Give #090d14 a try for background -- it's not bad on the eye. Or #06090E
(little darker), just adds a little "blue-on-black" :)

Nice, but actually, I do like the real "white on black" ;)

$ xrdb -query | grep -i 'xterm.*ground'
xterm*background: black
xterm*foreground: white

(it seems, that XTerm.* is ignored, at least when xterm.* is defined.
Have to test that sometime ;)

BTW: using xrdb, you can also theme Tk Apps. Even from inside perl[1].


[1] e.g.:

my @resources = (
"MyClass*Foreground: white",
"MyClass*Background: grey30",
# [..]
# set defaults from @resources
Tk::CmdLine::SetResources(\@resources, 'widgetDefault');
# get cmd line
# set ressources from cmdline/xrdb, overriding defaults
# read actual used fg/bg into short variables, using defaults if
# something went wrong/was unset...
$fg = $ui->{mw}->optionGet('Foreground', $class) || "white";
$bg = $ui->{mw}->optionGet('Background', $class) || "grey30";

You can also load resources from a file (and override those from
cmdline). Still "barebone", but anyway, having
MyClass.Background: khaki1
MyClass.Foreground: black
in your ~/.Xresources would override the app-defaults, the Tk-UI I
create in a perl-script becomes "themeable" ;)
Oh, 'editres' can be a help on finding widgets/classes etc. but it
should[tm] be in the manpage.
Not sure how to define defaults for Tk (similar to a GTK/Qt
Theme), but IIRC there are resources used by Tk by default.

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