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Re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-factory] what you can do with KDE3 thatyou can't do with KDE4.
  • From: Sinisa Bandin <sinisa@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2012 22:54:32 +0200
  • Message-id: <a009eec2b484d1f0ff3e5cc5fcb2176b@localhost>
On 02.04.2012 00:40, Istvan Gabor wrote:

2012. április 1. 23:35 napon James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx> írta:

Carlos E. R. wrote:

James, you have the custom to reply to threads of factory on the
opensuse mail list. You should be more careful. Your reply is lost to
those that were following the thread, and the people here may not
know what you are talking about.
Sorry, force of habit. The openSUSE lists require I change the address
from the person I'm replying to, to the list address. All too often I
chose the openSUSE list, when I should have selected the factory list.

I guess this thread is more appropriate to this list than to factory.
I am a big KDE3 supporter and thanks for Ilya and others we can still
use KDE3 even with the most recent openSUSE releases.
I don't have a single KDE4 package on my system.
In the last ~2 years I could resist to participate in such KDE3 vs KDE4
battles but now I can't help posting a message.

Here is the list on what I could not do in KDE 4 when I last tested it
(I have to confess it was at least 6-12 months ago;
I got bored that there was no progress regarding the issues below
and gave up trying):

- There is no manual panel hiding at the users will
- The fonts in the panel clock can not be set independently;
for example I want the time shown in big fonts and the date in small
- I can not see mounted USB, CD/DVD, etc devices on the desktop
- I can't see the borders between panel elements (as classic view in
- Setting up the panel is way too cumbersome compared to KDE3's
simple ways (eg adding, removing, moving a panel item)
- Can't set exact hight of the panel (in pixels or other units)
- KDE4 Konsole font 'misc console' looked awful, practically useless
- There is/was no kdeprint program (KDE print manager) or equivalent
(cups print manager is not a real replacement)
- KDE4 control center is a mess compared to that of KDE3; user and
system options mixed frequently
- KDE4 specific: Could not get rid of the annoying figure in the
upper right corner (called cashew?)
- My personal taste: KDE4 themes/styles far less attractive than KDE3
themes/styles, and is not possible to make them look like KDE3 themes.
- KDE4 was slow compared to KDE3, much slower (I have only 0.5-1GB RAMs
in my systems)
- Logging out from KDE4 took ~20 seconds vs 2 seconds in KDE3
- I could not configure a second desktop for TV out in KDE4.

And a comment: the question "What can't you do in KDE4 that
you can in KDE3" is inappropriate. Practically everything
can be done in every desktop/window manager if you know the right tools.
Even in DOS or in terminal. The right question would be which desktop
manager is more comfortable to use or fits better the user's personal



- I cannot change desktop icon's font and have them stay where I put them.
They immediately get "sorted" by the left edge (while I like them by the
upper/lower edge) of the screen (never happened in KDE3)
- +1 for slow, I have dual-core 2.7GHz 64-bit AMD Phenom with 4 GB RAM, and
KDE4 is still much slower than KDE3
- desktop effects? who needs them? yes, they look nice, but only for half
an hour, then become annoying... even the desktop cube, only good to
impress Windows people :)
- oh, and +1000 for panel hiding... why is it so hard to implement?

Just to avoid any confusion, I work on both KDE3 and KDE4, have been using
KDE4 since the first edition till the latest 4.8.2, but never could get
used to it... whenever I go back to KDE3 (even after a year of not using
it) it is like going back home...

Siniša Bandin
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