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Re: [opensuse] Video cards and 12.1
On 2012/03/11 04:52 (GMT-0400) Michael Fischer composed:

Having discovered the pleasures of 'nomodeset' with a 12.1 installation
(currently paused), I'm wondering about other video card options in case
this one gives me trouble.

I'd like to avoid the proprietary vendor drivers if possible.

Does anyone have experience with any of the following?

Radeon 5450
GeForce 210
GeForce 8600GS

My experience with NVidia is limited, but has been such that I'd never recommend it to anyone unprepared to use proprietary drivers. With Matrox, Intel and ATI I have much more experience, most of which has been far more tolerable than my experience with NVidia and Nouveau. I don't ever mess with games.

Particularly in the case of the MOBO having an integrated video
card and installing one of the above in PCI. In this case, what
does the system do? Does it expose both and ask you to pick?
Or does the PCI one "take over", hiding the integrated card
from teh OS?

Depends on BIOS whether straight out disabling is possible. Most default to making one installed in an expansion slot the primary, which may or may not be equivalent to "hiding" the integrated from the OS.
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