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Re: [opensuse] destructor in LD_PRELOADed *.so file not run on SuSE

On 02/27/2012 05:50 PM, Cristian Rodríguez wrote:
El 27/02/12 13:24, Cristian Rodríguez escribió:
El 27/02/12 09:53, Bernhard Voelker escribió:

void __attribute__ ((destructor))
print_call_count (void);

Compile / link it:

$ gcc -fPIC -O2 -c k.c
$ ld -G k.o -o

Works for me , I am in factory though.

# gcc -shared -rdynamic -march=native -Wall -fPIC $(rpm --eval
%optflags) k.c -o

LD_PRELOAD="./" ls --color=always -l .

cat x --> 74

Hmm, you compiled+linked in one step.
This works here, too:

gcc -shared -fPIC -O2 k.c -o

Can you confirm the failure when compiling + linking
is done in 2 separate steps?

Thank you & have a nice day,

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