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Re: [opensuse] vlc regressing?
* Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [02-12-12 01:11]:
A couple of days ago zypper installed a number of updates to the KDE 4.8
files I am using - including some to vlc.

Of course following this, vlc would not work and I therefore had to do what
everybody has been doing for a long time and that is install vlc from as a "one-click install".

Don't understand this maneuver. I haven't had to perform it. But I also
do not use videolan repo; I use packman except for the codecs. Also, istr
that there was problems mixing videolan/packman but do not know if that is
still true.

Following this, vlc worked again - *BUT*, unlike to what has been the case
for the past years, when I switch to another workspace/desktop vlc audio
goes MUTE while vlc continues running, in the background, on the workspace
where I always run it (Desktop #6). (This going mute is similar to what
happens in, say, the game Pysol - Tri Peaks which goes into PAUSE mode when
you switch to another desktop.)

I have not noticed this but recently have used clementine for streaming
rather than vlc and may have missed noticing.....
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