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Re: [opensuse] Gnome2 vs. Gnome3. Why not just port the old environment to the new toolkit?
On Sat, 2012-01-14 at 23:36 +0100, K. Dennis Leyendecker wrote:
On 14.01.2012 22:19, Roger Luedecke wrote:
What REALLY changed with Gnome 3? The desktop shell is the only real
change. That experience can be replicated with already existing
technology. Honestly, the only people I hear saying they are pleased
with Gnome3 are the extremist fanboys. Those are the folks who have too
much emotional investment in Gnome to admit it sucks.

I don't think so. I also heard about people who used GNOME in version 3
the first time, and who are satisfied with it.

> In 12.1 KDE 4.7 was so damn glitchy and sluggish I finally just
> back to Gnome on 11.4. Honestly... now that I'm actually getting
> acquainted with it, I'm falling in love with it and can't imagine
> such a well polished thing is going to be utterly f*&^$d off. Gnome
> about as close as we have gotten to the holy grail of desktop
Linux, and
> now its being twisted into some awkward, ugly, inversatile,
> monstrosity.

Well, I had have some GNOME 2 installations in the past, but I always
build me a plain-GNOME-2 environment, means to create a dock with three
menus on the top of the desktop. I also didn't used the Novell menu that
often, due to I couldn't work with it that well (The menu showed only
ten programs and then a button to show a list with more. In the time I
scroll the list, I would have opened the program over the shell at least
ten times.)
That criticism is also valid to Gnome 3 which will not permit you to use
a traditional start menu. Gnome3 says that is too hard for you to

I haven't said that it's all better with GNOME 3. From my point of view,
both are bullshit, because /I/ don't like them. Nevertheless, they're
both desktop environments I would suggest to people, if they ask me.

Anyway, GNOME 3 definitely is a new way of desktop experience, but
others are following that idea, like Unity or Windows 8. I guess the
last one will force most of the people to "love" such ideas, so in the
end, GNOME 3 was the right way.

If you still don't like it, that's okay. That's why there's KDE, Xfce,
LXDE and so many others, I'd grow old if I'd count them all ;-)

Kim Leyendecker, openSUSE Wiki Team
GPG Key: 664265369547B825 | leyendecker@xxxxxxxxxxxx - Linux for open minds
On a more subjective note I find it dismaying since KDE which I am more
partial to showed so many issues this time around. Thus I was forced to
use a different environment, in this case rolling back to the Gnome 2 of
11.4. With Gnome3, this won't be a viable option. I'll be forced into
XFCE or LXDE, or even yet some more obscure solution.

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